About Me

My name is Brylie Speelman. 

Living Photography is my business. Taking pictures of God's creations, is my passion!

I have this passion for photography that I can’t really explain. I can be walking along

and see something that catches my eye, and the first thought that comes to mind is; “Wow! God created this so amazing and so complex! Just wanting to take pictures of it, to share with others all of God's creations! I fancy this business to be a way to share my faith in Christ by doing something I love. I choose to inspire others to follow Christ and to see what amazing things He has created.

Over the last eight years, I have fallen in love with photography. Having had so many people supporting and teaching me, making the decision to turn my favorite hobby into a business came easily. Thank you to my parents, family, and friends, for their loving encouragement along the way!

Contact Me

9130 3rd Street

McCoy, OR 97371